Episode 24 – Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving - the farewell episode. A recap of our guests and their interviews over the last year and a heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of this podcast.

Episode 24 – Thanksgiving2022-05-22T11:24:05+00:00

Episode 23 – Christian Warta


Chris is an Austrian photographer, digital marketer & content creator who sees himself as a creative global nomad who loves the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. In this episode, he shares his story of falling in love and his experience with American immigration. The road may be bumpy but love has found a way.

Episode 23 – Christian Warta2022-04-24T20:34:54+00:00

Episode 22 – Mariama Whyte


Mariama Whyte is a singer, songwriter and all-round performer. The most challenging and rewarding role of her life so far has been that of a single mother. Navigating the choices between career and motherhood has been the focus of the last 15 years of her life. She has managed it with resilience, family support and an indefatigable spirit.

Episode 22 – Mariama Whyte2022-04-24T20:36:33+00:00

Episode 21 – Christopher Jensen


Christopher Jensen is a lawyer, entrepreneur and a cannabis advocate. He is on a mission to educate the public to the many benefits that can come from both medical and personal cannabis use. He is the CEO of a number of dispensaries under the umbrella of Mana Supply Holdings and is vigilantly exploring new methods/products to bring quality cannabis to those that need and want it.

Episode 21 – Christopher Jensen2022-04-24T20:37:20+00:00

Episode 20 – Brad Lamm


Brad Lamm is an author, teacher, and interventionist best known for helping people make life-enhancing changes. He is also the founder of Breathe Life Healing Centers. His personal journey through addictions has led him to become a formidable force in helping others overcome their own traumas and vices.

Episode 20 – Brad Lamm2022-04-24T20:37:57+00:00

Episode 19 – Donna Lynn Hilton


DONNA LYNN HILTON is a highly effective creative producer. In December 2020 she was appointed Artistic Director, and the first woman named to executive leadership, at Goodspeed Musicals. JUST IN TIME FOR COVID!

Episode 19 – Donna Lynn Hilton2022-04-24T20:38:41+00:00

Episode 18 – Max Chernin


Max shares a true coming of age story of transformation from a chubby red head with late presenting epilepsy to a stylish talented performer who is thriving and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Episode 18 – Max Chernin2022-04-24T20:39:24+00:00

Episode 17 – Angie Jones


How far would you go to "find your purpose" in life? So far Angie Jones has explored "car camping" and walked the Great Wall of China in search of inner peace. She's still searching but has taken time out to share some insights about her journey thus far.

Episode 17 – Angie Jones2022-01-02T06:31:23+00:00

Episode 16 – Nick Fiorito


Nick Fiorito is full of empathy and love. His journey from a malicious beating to global ambassador of good will is inspiring. His vision of bringing the message of empathy and action to young minds world wide is just what the world needs and we are thrilled to be able to share his story.

Episode 16 – Nick Fiorito2021-12-12T13:59:47+00:00

Episode 15 – Dionne C. Monsanto


Dionne Monsanto is a successful business woman, a mother of three, a dancer, and a God loving, Church going woman. None of which prepared her to handle becoming a parent who's child committed suicide. This may be one of our most important episodes.

Episode 15 – Dionne C. Monsanto2021-11-28T01:36:23+00:00
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