About Our Hosts


Charles Gray

Having enjoyed a 40 year career as a singer, actor, voice actor, I’ve had the great fortune to visit all 50 states, most of Europe, Russia and a good bit of the Orient. The greatest lesson that I’ve learned is that people are people no matter where you go. Dreams, goals, passions and joy are universal.

Performing has allowed me to touch so many audiences and be overwhelmed by the powerful connection that only happens in live theater. I can’t wait until that day returns. Until then, we modify and find new ways to connect. What have I done? Wanna know more?

Find me on charles-gray.com or at Karaoke Chronicles on YouTube.


Porscha Flores

Porscha is an assistant program director who works with individuals in vulnerable populations to assist them in rehabilitating their lives. She believes in aiding others to achieve the best version of themselves.

Prior to embarking into the social services world; from the tender age of 10 Porscha’s passion for working with animals led her to participate in competition dog shows where she trained, groomed and showed dogs. She also worked with PetSafe coalition during hurricane Sandy to help reunify displaced pets with their families and find new adoptive homes for pets that had been relinquished.

She is a recipient of the DOHMH Mental Health Scholarship and is a full-time graduate student seeking to obtain her MSW and licensure.

Porscha is passionate about the connection between art and self-expression, utilizing her piercing and tattoos as a talking point to promote self-expression within the workplace.


Laura Darrell

Laura is an actress, audiobook narrator, VO artist and musician who has been working professionally since she was 10 years old. The pandemic as well as her passion for art and connecting with others, led her on this journey with Charles to honor stories of perseverance.

A lover of poetry, reading, fine art, music and the performing arts, Laura is a firm believer in the power of art to see us through hard times and foster connection in the midst of division.

Please visit www.lauradarrell.com for more on her, and hang in there! Your voice is needed, appreciated, and can help others. Enjoy the show!